Cromford Reflections

Beautiful reflections in Cromford. Looking out from Scarthins at the ducks


Ducks, market stalls, and a lot of bunting

On the rare occasion that it is sunny on my day off I like to get outdoors and explore. This sunny Saturday was leisurely spent in Ashbourne looking at the ducks, browsing market stalls and being mesmerised by rows and rows of bunting. Timing it well, I arrived just as the parking meter had broken [...]

Seaside campsite, day long hike and a lot of fish and chips

Picture this: Four adults and two nights of camping equipment in a tiny Corsa, hurtling down the motorway for three and a half hours in torrential rain, to finally arrive and pitch the tents in the dark. While some may think this sounds like a nightmare, this was in fact our plan. 'Sunny spells for [...]